Is Your Data Safe Online?

Is Your Data Safe Online?

It is the 21st century – we practically do everything online now! Read news, update our families on where we are and how we are, play games on our PC, or look for casino bonuses on  Following that logic, it is no wonder that we even consider placing our data on the web too, because, well, why not? Everything is already online anyway, right? What makes this thought even more appealing is the fact that if our data is on the internet, it is with us wherever we are, just a click away. But is this function, the availability, really worth taking the risk of putting our data online?

Data breaching

It is no common thing to stumble upon data breaching in the online world. Many famous and successful apps have been accused of leaking users’ data, the most recent scandal being Facebook’s data breach during the election time in the USA. Many users’ data was leaked and used in political surveys, and in general political causes. The problem with this is that the sharing of data wasn’t approved by the users – the app did it without asking for their permission. Knowing this, when you consider how many times you have entered your location, shared your phone number, some important news, and pictures on your Facebook profile, it does make you wonder if your data is protected at all. 

Identity theft

Putting up your data online allows other people to steal your identity. There have been many issues, especially on Instagram nowadays, where people steal photos and claim and basically pretend that they are someone else they most definitely are not. It is highly unlikely you will ever know that someone is impersonating you, and it is even more confusing when you do find out that someone was using your photos or your name to catfish other people.

Physical issues

I’ve already mentioned that the best feature of having your data online is the fact that it is available all the time, which is wonderful when you’re the one controlling your accounts. Sometimes, however, this feature can turn against you; you will lose your phone, your laptop will get stolen, etc, and your data will fall into someone else’s hands. By the time you would change your password on the accounts you manage, it may already be too late – somebody may have used your accounts against you.

WI-FI connection

Even though we are taught that Wi-Fi is one of the best ways we can connect to the internet, many risks come with it, especially when you are connected to public Wi-Fi. While I know it sounds crazy, it has been proven many times that public Wi-Fi was the perfect weapon for hackers – on many occasions they managed to hack into someone’s medical files or certain files that are sensitive.


Even though it seems tempting to put everything you have online, because, let’s agree, it is easier that way, it is better if you think over that decision. By choosing to put your information online, you are also putting yourself at the risk of hackers using your data.